Monday, November 07, 2005


True: When Kira was two and just learning to talk, she pointed to a Starbucks logo and said, "Mama."

True: A friend once refused to order me my grande-half-caf-double-low-fat-dry-cappuccino because he didn't want anyone thinking that he was was one of 'those people.'

True: First this made me laugh, then it made me very, very afraid.

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Anonymous said...

i think i was standing in line behind you once.

i was too preoccupied to get mad, though, stressing about whether or not to get caramel on my tall-decaf-low-fat-soy-latte-with-whip.

i guess we could all use an ass-whipping

Anonymous said...

that was way scary!!!!!!!
For chrize sakes itz only coffee!!!!!!!
that guy needs to take a day off once in awhile!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I suppose you think CRACK is ONLY CRACK?!

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